Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Garden 2015, no 1

Garden 2015 no 1

It’s a year since I posted here. I thought I’d finished with this blog, but it seems not, I’ve changed my mind and decided to reopen it. Looking at the last blog I posted, which was in March 2014, I notice the pink blossom of the wild currant bushes were all in full bloom. This year there has been almoat no pink blossom from the wild currant bushes, I’ve no idea why, they simply hasn’t bloomed this year. Last year was one of the best displays of wild currant blossom I’ve ever had and this year, nothing.

Last year I wrote Mr Frog was all alone with no Mrs Frog. That didn’t change, last year, no courting, croaking frogs with billowing chests, no frogspawn and no tadpoles. This year at the height of the courting, croaking, froggy season, I counted at least eight single froggies all paired off into four couples. On the day after the eclipse my small pond was full of frogspawn. State of the pond now is; it’s still full of frogspawn but the spawn is full of tiny, mini, wriggling tadpoles to be, all busy munching their way through the nourishing jelly and on to freedom in the pond.
The other major difference from then to now is the lack of veggi garden. Last year I kept my word and cultivated, raked, levelled and seeded the veggi garden and what was left of the lawn. This year the whole area is back to lawn, it’s looking good and has already had its first haircut. The hedge that borders my garden has grown, last year they were little more than saplings, this year they form a hedge. This year, the hedge which is made entirely from native hedgerow species has hawthorn blossom and tiny furry willow buds in it
I’ve had help in the garden this year, my 13 year old grandson has started coming over to stay once a month, so far he’s helped me clear out both sheds, given a first coat of paint to all the blue fences, cut the grass and strimmed the edges. Next time he said he’s going to make a start on the white paintwork. I’m grateful for his help, much as I love my blue fences painting all of them every year was becoming a bit of a chore.
All of these photos have been taken during late March and early April. There are almost 40 photos here; they show how well my little garden is blooming already this year. The snowdrops have come and gone, the daffs are in full bloom, the forget-me-nots (my favourites) are just starting,  I’ve seen a couple of little blue Anemone in pots (I don’t even remember planting those), the tulips are about to flower and the bluebells are all up ready to bloom in a couple of weeks. I particularly like the dog wood at this time of year, the new red wood is at its best against the freshly painted blue fence. The Buddleia is looking good, I cut it back at the end of last year and now it looks as if it’s ready to take off again. All the books say to cut Buddleia back in the spring, and I usually do, but for some reason I forgot that last year and cut it back in the autumn. I was worried that I would lose it but so far, I’m pleased to say, it’s looking strong and healthy.
I’ve tidied up most of the pots. Some are empty, what ever was there last year obviously didn’t survive the frost, but lots of the herbs are growing well already and my gooseberry bushes are looking really good. I’ve thinned out the strawberries, thrown out what looked too old and kept the new runners. The cherry tree has so many little buds I have great hopes for it this year, nice it begins to blossom it will look lovely.
I have so much in this tiny garden people sometimes forget how small it is, so to get a little perspective, the last photo was taken from across the road. 
From here you can se that my house is an ordinary little house, in an ordinary street, and the corner garden that is mine is really quite small.
So….. that’s my first garden blog of the year, this year I do intend to continue adding updates and photos on my little garden.