Sunday, 23 March 2014

Garden 2014 no 2

Garden 2014 no 2

My garden is changing this year, I’ve decided on my priorities, and much as I love my blue fenced garden, I need to prioritise painting time above gardening time.
So far this year I’ve done virtually nothing. I’ve pruned a couple of flowering shrubs, tied some bits back into place, had a general tidy up and cleared away the rubbish. Now I’ve run out of time to do anything else because; it’s almost time for the annual trip to France. In a couple of days I leave for a month in France and when I get back, I’ll have week or two organising my garden.

I went out there this afternoon to take a few photos and do a bit of tidying up before I leave. Some of the spring flowers are in bloom, I have periwinkle, daffodils, wild currant blossom, and rosemary all in bloom. The fruit trees are in bud and even the little yellow pond flowers are in full bloom. I can’t remember the name of those little pond plants but what ever it is, the frog seems to like it. He has returned for about the third year in a row, So far he hasn’t honoured me with any frogspawn this year but I remain hopeful. I have had frogspawn in the pond in previous years but this time I don’t think Mrs Frog accompanied Mr Frog, looks like he’s going solo this year, maybe she’s just been delayed and will turn up soon

The snow drops are all gone now, I had loads this year and they did last quite a while, but now the warmer weather has arrived, they’ve all died off.   I think I’m going to miss the tulips and the start of the bluebells this year, I can see loads of foliage and tulip buds, but I think by the time they flower, I’ll be away.

This year my garden is  destined to become a less time demanding, less labour intensive place and a more,  ‘sit and chill and watch the world go by in-between painting sessions’ sort of place. The veggie plot and its grass verge is all getting rotavated, raked, seeded and turned back to grass. The veggi containers will be emptied and stored, the herb pots are going to get a serious talking too and those that have become too overgrown with grasses and weeds may have to be sacrificed. I think I’ll be fence painting again as well, I painted most of my fences last autumn but we have had so much rain, they all need doing again. I think the excess rain over the winter added about three normal years worth of wear and tear to the paint work out there.

So, this is the view of my rather neglected garden that I’ll see as I drive away, but as soon as I get back, it will be gardening in earnest time.


  1. Well I just made a comment but I don't think it took.
    That space you have for a garden is so beautiful. I can see why it would take so long to take care of the whole place. I can't believe that you worked and did the garden and painted, etc. wow.
    Hope you have a great time in jFrance. Can't wait to see the photos

  2. Your garden without you spending too much time in it still looks lovely to me. I know you'll find plenty to influence you to paint in France. Hope you find time to stop in at least on Facebook some. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. The garden isn't looking too bad. Enjoy your trip to France!!